So…I’m doing the 24 hour painting challenge…

It’s a challenge I’ve wanted to do for at least 2 years now. I never ended up doing it, and then all of a sudden, I saw at least 2 youtube artists do this challenge. (I’m not saying they took my idea, not at all, in fact, I didn’t even come up with the idea fully on my own. I actually saw the idea on an art space page. I saw a video of a huge group of artists staying up all night together making art, and I thought it would be fun to try on my own, on my channel, with some rules and other things added to it.) So, in other words, I should have done it a LONG time ago…but I’m doing it now.

24 hr challenge maceylou painting image.jpg

Tomorrow, October 26th, I’ll be doing the 24 hour art challenge. I’ve got to paint, and work on art for 24 hours. No sleeping. Only allowed to break for eating, using the restroom, showering, and similar necessities. I’m allowed to watch YouTube, Netflix, or listen to music, etc, while working, because I hate silence, except when I need it badly.

I’ll also be recording some vlog footage of the experience, and how I feel throughout the process. I’ve got to stay awake for 24 hours straight, creating. That’s the main challenge. Today, I’m kind of taking it easy, and I even took a nap! I think it MIGHT help me to rest and relax a lot today, to prepare myself for tomorrow.

maceylou art studio work space oil paintings.jpg

I’ll also be live streaming on twitch twice during the challenge. Once will be in the day time (I’m in the eastern time zone in the USA.), and one stream will be at night, my normal 9 p.m. eastern time stream. I’ll probably only stream 1-3 hours during each stream slice. I hope to see you guys there! Click here for my twitch channel. :)

genie oil painting original art hanging up gallery.jpg

In the meantime, check out the new items I added to my shop here.

I’ve added several artworks and mystery boxes to the shop. Speaking of all that, I’ve surpassed both my September and October revenue goals! :) Yay!! I’m so excited, guys.

red princess framed oil painting hung up.jpg

Thanks to any and all of you who support me in any way. I really appreciate it. Don’t forget that if you sign up for my email list here, you get 15% off in my original shop. If you’re a patron, you get 20% off in my shop. Click HERE to become a patron! :)

Hugs, beautiful humans!!!



✧・゚♡ Recent Videos You GOTTA Watch! ♡・゚✧

I don't share my YouTube videos on here nearly enough. Here are some of my recent videos that I really enjoyed creating, but that I also think you may find useful. Let me know what you think in the comments of my blog here, or in the comments of my videos over on YouTube. ♡

But first, I want to ask YOU guys what you want to see next on my YouTube, or what videos you like to watch most, so click the link below for the poll options:

Below is a video about my favorite oil painting supplies I use:

This video below, is a video about how I come up with my art concept ideas:

The video below is a super fun video I loved working on, where I give you guys ideas for what to put into your sketchbooks:

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post. Thanks so much for reading! ♥ xoxo - MaceyLou

Art Studio Diary...Real Life as a Full Time Artist

Art Studio Diary…so let’s chat. I just got through a bit of a low energy rough patch. The summary is outlined in the following video I posted on YouTube:

I’m finally out of that mode. I feel more energized and motivated this week. I’m still not fully myself, but I’m better than I was! Sometimes this happens when I get overwhelmed, but it can also happen when I’m excited for a new project. And well…I kinda am!

I am just now getting started on renovating my basement, and it’s got me thinking a lot about it. It’s hard for me to focus on anything else, to be honest! I’m just loving the idea of fixing it up and getting it ready to become a new art studio. More space! More functionality! Very stoked about it.

You can watch episode one of the basement renovation series below. Right now it’s just the before video, showing all of the fixtures, decor, wall paint, clutter, junk, and design choices that have been down there ever since we bought the home.

You can also check out my new art house instagram account for pics of my home in general before and after renovations! :) Here’s the link:

I’ve also been streaming on Twitch. Still doing the 3 days a week thing. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9:00 p.m. eastern time. :) Feel free to come chill with me while I draw or play games! Link is:

That’s all for now, peeps! Have a great Tuesday!

Full Time Artist Career Building : WEEK 3

Hi, people! Nice to virtually meet you, if you're new here! :)

I just uploaded my video all about week 3 of me being a full time artist. I hope you find some type of entertainment, information, or just intrigue out of this episode. This is a regular series I do on my YouTube channel, and I hope to continue it for quite some time, or at least until I can't stand doing it anymore. I don't vlog every single day, but I vlog when I think there's something to talk about or something to show you all.

In this episode, I talk shipping and I clean up my studio a bit. I also go into a little behind the scenes about my art shop inventory, and how I stay organized.

I hope you are all having a fantastic Monday, and I hope to see you back soon. :) hugs all around!!


My Current TOP 7 Favorite Artists!

My TOP 7 favorite (living) artists, currently…

Okay, so a lot of people say that you shouldn’t post too much about other artists, but I feel like it’s important to be honest about who influences your work, and who just intrigues you the absolute most. I also love showing other artists love and appreciation.

I’d say I have a LOT of favorite artists right now, but here are my top faves this past few months (or even longer). I’m going to do them in REVERSE ORDER, so you can see my favorite at the very end. ;)

7) Lindsay Rapp :

Here's one of her videos, so you can get an idea:

6) Leigh Ellexson :


5) Lora Zombie :

Here's her "HEAVEN IS INSIDE OF YOU" video, which I'm in love with :

4) JacquelinDeleon :

This video of Jacquelin's is so satisfying to watch for all the up close shots and amazing attention to detail she accomplishes!

3) Audra Auclair :

Her video on artists and depression :

2) Tanya Shatseva :


1) Happy D :

Here's her video on HOW TO PAINT BACKGROUNDS :

I hope you enjoyed seeing what top artists inspire me the most right now. My list changes throughout the years, and I’d love to document that here on my blog.

*NOTE: if you are one of the artists I’m referring to, and you don’t want your video on my site, please email me using my contact page, and let me know. I’ll be happy to take down any content the artists / owners don’t want me to show.

Thanks so much for reading!




Week One as a Full Time Artist!

Hello, my lovely people!!

I just want to share what the first week was like, as a full time artist. It was a shorter week, sort of, because of Thanksgiving, but I feel it was really productive (plus I worked a lot more than I planned to on Friday! haha!).

art studio maceylou work space

I worked on my website, my patreon ideas, my youtube channel, my paintings, and more. I love having a variety in my schedule. I love standing up some of the time and sitting down some of the time. I love being in my home studio, with its natural light, its elevated height, and its colorful vibrancy.

If you had asked me one year ago today, where I'd be right now, I would have never guessed this would be it.

art studio maceylou work space artist tennessee 2

I've started a new vlog series on my YouTube channel all about my day-to-day as a full time artist. You'll get to see the raw and real (and sometimes goofy) sides of my life.

I'll tell you what...I had a schedule all mapped out before I quit my job, for what my new artist life would be. I knew I'd have to make some adjustments here and there. I'm still working out the kinks, but it's very close to what I end up doing every day. I keep it varied to keep it interesting.

Then, there are the blocks of time where I just paint, and work on my craft. I've still got a lot to learn. ...So, I also enrolled in a wonderful online class. It was originally a $2,000 class! But they've recently marked it down, so I had the opportunity to join the class for only $199! I'm so excited, because the class is one I looked at trying out months ago, but the price was just too steep for me at that time. So glad she decided to lower the price for a limited time.

It's a class run by an artist I've looked up to for a long time. Maybe after I'm done with the class I can tell you who it is I'm talking about. I want to go through the whole class before I promote it. I don't want to gush to you guys about something this serious until I've done it and tested it myself.

So, yeah, I've been very busy. Busier than I even planned for. But it's so fulfilling. It's so interesting and exciting. I hope you are ready to join me on this journey. :)

Here are some things my previous coworkers got me for my new workspace. I definitely need to reorganize and clean up my studio so I can fully decorate with these items!

donut glitter cute decor home
desk organizers decor cute office kitsch unicorn rainbow pouch

I also wanted to share with you all my video I recently created from reading your comments on my previous video, titled "Things to Never Say to an Artist". I wanted to answer your questions about pricing. Check it out! :

Well, that's all for now! Keep checking back for updates on the Patreon tiers and so much more. Have a great day, everyone! :D

xoxo - MaceyLou

How do you come up with your ideas for Art and Illustrations?

Some of it is simply colors in my head that I enjoy, colors of things that I love, things in my environment, and things like that. Other inspirations come from things I see around pinterest. I have a huge collection of pins on my pinterest page. It’s really massive, actually.

pastel girls in nature and fog

I’ve got things on pinterest that I forget I have on there, all the time, simply because I’ve been pinning things to it for years now. I think I’ve used pinterest for over 3 years. And I used to pin things for hours at a time, back when I first discovered pinterest. It really adds up. There are many different category boards on my page, including everything from home decor and artwork to hair and make-up.

However, another huge inspiration for me, when it comes to techniques, process, and work ethic is the pool of other artists I follow online. I love watching youtube videos of them in their studios, working and painting. It makes me want to go into my studio and begin working as well. In fact, a lot of times I’ll be watching an artist on youtube or an illustrator, working on their art while I paint or draw in my studio, or on my couch.

skull sketch

Another biggie is the sketchbook. I have many unfinished sketchbooks, mostly because I have many different kinds that I sketch in for many different reasons. My favorite is my 9” x 12” watercolor sketchbook. It’s actually just a spiral book of watercolor paper. I also have a watercolor paper pad that has thicker watercolor paper. I don’t just use these for sketches only. I also use the sheets for finished watercolor work, so it’s nice to be able to tear out the sheets when I’m finished and ready to frame them.

A huge inspiration to me is music. It’s not an inspiration to my concept ideas necessarily, but instead helps me stay motivated to keep moving forward with my projects and with my art in general. My favorite songs are ones that evoke lots of emotion and creep factor is one of my favorite elements. I like to think that similar emotions are revealed in my work. I mainly draw and paint female faces and hair. I’m obsessed.

boots and legs

Sometimes, I get kind of burnt out when it comes to concept ideas. I think I still have ideas in my brain, but it’s like sometimes I look at others’ works so much that I have a fog around my own ideas in my mind. It’s crazy and hard to describe, but hopefully that came out right.

gallery wall in the art studio

I think it’s important to find balance: balance between “ingesting” new things and new art from other people, and actually “cooking” up our own art. It can be a real struggle. Sometimes I just want to cozy up on the couch with a blanket and a pillow, and just watch YouTube artists all day, look through pinterest, or obsess over Instagram stories. I did a lot of that latter category today.

I think one thing that can help with not putting enough out there of our own stuff is not having a plan. I’ve started working on my social media plan, and I think it is going to go okay. I know I’ll most likely have to make adjustments along the way to keep it fresh and realistically doable, but it will be worth the trouble.

So, cheers to you other artists or creative types out there! Keep on keeping on! <3

Wanna pin this blog post to your pinterest board? Here's a snazzy image to help you out:

coming up with art concepts pinable image

Artist Manifesto | PART 1

I find it difficult to keep up with a blog nowadays, since I’ve really focused a lot of my energy on a youtube channel. However, I feel like I can create a sort of manifesto of sorts, in regards to my art life, and my pursuits in general.

Manifesto may not be the proper word, but I have yet to find a word that better fits my goals for this blog.


Let’s start off by discussing a few things. I’ve seen it written in places here and there, that one shouldn’t reveal their “next move,” so to speak. I’ve also seen it written or spoken in other places that it’s better to speak about your goals in order to better achieve them. Sort of like a check system or a buddy system.

I don’t know what the right thing is, but I want to imply my goals and my intentions going forward in my life, mostly my art life. Even if I don’t out-right express my full goals and my dreams…

This all sounds very vague, but to put it simply:

* I want to live more honestly…through my actions, my answers to questions, my saying “yes” to the right things / opportunities, and saying “no” to the wrong ones.
* I want to be as artistic and free as possible.
* I want to have tons of creative freedom (this does NOT mean I have to have a huge bank account.)
* I want to be as brave as I can, and reach for very high art-related goals.
* I want to give people a glimpse of my life, through my content online….
* I want to really brand myself, but I feel I already have….so this one may already have been won, just need to be maintained?
* I want to take risks that are worth taking.

What does this mean moving forward? It means that I am going to do things that align more with MY dreams, MY visions of where I want to be in the future. Not just accommodating for others’ dreams they have in mind for me. I’ve done that too much. It stifles almost any venture I start. I have to stop the cycle now.

Sometimes I won’t have the money for a project I want to pursue. The solution? Save save save….save that money up, until I CAN afford it.

Sometimes I might fall for false opportunities. The solution? Learn from it and move forward, but don’t let the fear of being duped again cloud the waters completely.

Recent Art triumphs:

* One of my pieces was featured in a sticker subscription box! See below:

maceylou queen sticker bento box
sticker bento subscription box maceylou queen sticker princess

* I’m so CLOSE to being finished with 2 of my unfinished paintings
* A gallery contacted me! (Not talking about the details unless/until something comes of this…)
* I actually created an oil work I liked, in my sketchbook, on gesso:

oil painting maceylou gesso sketchbook 80's 90's kawaii barbie phone stars

* I’ve done a TON of research on things to help me with my secret art project. It will cost me a lot of money and time, so it is sort of in an on-hold state…sort of, but at least I’m gaining the much needed knowledge to get the job done. It just might take me a year to complete…who knows!

Social Media Triumphs:

* Instagram followers: 925 (end of 2017 goal: 1,000)
* Facebook likes: 355 (end of 2017 goal: 500)
* YouTube subscribers: 1,819 (end of 2017 goal: 2,500)

ghost girl kawaii cute sexy full body watercolor small painting maceylou

Things to focus on next:

* Finishing all my unfinished acrylic works from 2015 / 2016.
* Finishing my two oil paintings
* Finishing my oil painting sketch
* Create artwork for gallery show
* Create more digital work on the iPad.
* Get a better screen recording app for my iMac, so I can create better video editing tutorials.
* Figure out how to record my iPad screen, for speed paint videos.
* Putting finished artworks on sale on my website.


* Clean and organize the studio, so I can…
* Renovate and paint the studio!

Me...contemplating all that I need to get done.

Me...contemplating all that I need to get done.

I hope you all enjoyed this first installment of my artist manifesto….more to come. :)

Happiness: A Journey of Overcoming Sadness

Hi my lovely starfishies!!

Today I just want to touch on a very broad topic, and that is happiness. I’m not going to solve all your sadness problems, I know that, but I want to just share a few tips that really help me get out of the rut I sometimes get into with sadness.

This topic hits close to home for me lately, as I’ve lost a grandmother to cancer about a month ago, another grandparent is ill, and there’s been other illnesses in the family lately as well as my own flu illness and other health issues as of late. Sometimes all you can do is cry. In between the crying, try these tips below. Sometimes these help me a lot!

Kawaii girl overcoming sadness blog post image main maceylou illustration art.jpg

# ONE:
Almost everything (if not everything) is temporary. If you’re having a tough time right now, just remember that it will pass. And if it’s a more permanent situation, try to think of ways to adapt. What are some things you can do to inject something happy into every single day, regardless of your current situation?

Can you go for a walk?
Can you relax and read a book or watch TV?
Can you at least listen to music or a podcast while you get chores or work done?

And if none of these seem possible right now, just go into your imagination. That’s right. Be a kid with me for a minute. Go in there and remember a funny or a super amazing moment you had. Most recent one if possible. Now, relive that moment in your mind and remember that you’re probably going to have an even BETTER moment SOON! It just hasn’t happened yet, and you can still look back on fond memories for now.

I know this may seem like a small little piece of happiness, but we’re building something here with all these little blocks of happy.

sad anxious girl kawaii maceylou skeleton makeup sleepy tired hiding rejection depressed.jpg

# TWO:
Write shit down. Write down what is hurting you emotionally right now. Sometimes writing about it will make you cry, mid-sentence, like as you’re writing it. However, once it’s all written out, and you can feel all those feels pour out of you, usually through crying, you will be able to see more clearly and think more rationally. Why? Because you got it out of you. You admitted to what was hurting, and now you can try to move on and to adjust. Or to start the healing process.

sad girl cry baby tears eyes bigeyes anime manga maceylou watercolor painting illustration.jpg

Art. This is a multiple choice option. If you are good at art, make some art. It will preoccupy your mind. It will help you decompress and take some of the stress out of your system. If you are NOT good at art, do you love to do it anyway? Then make some art. You aren’t good at it, and you don’t like to do it? Give it another shot. Maybe try a new medium….maybe try something unique. Remember, it’s for YOU to enjoy. You don’t have to show it to anyone, if you don’t want to.

None of that appeals to you? Maybe just look for art online or in galleries. View the art. Soak it in. Think about meanings within it. Or just buy some beautiful artwork for your home. Surround yourself in happy and visually appealing things on the walls. It will help you feel more comfy and at home. It will make your home feel more like a sanctuary.

Tell someone your pain. Make sure it’s someone you really can trust and that you’re super close to. There’s nothing worse than to spill your guts to someone who will stomp on them later or talk about your problems to others behind your back. Choose someone you have either grown up with your whole life, a really close family member, or a significant other that you really really love and trust.

Talking about your problems can really help relieve some of the tension. Be careful with this one, though. If you dwell too much on the negatives, you’ll get more depressed, not less….so keep that in check. Keep your stress rants short and to the point. And take deep breaths after.

sad loss family tears crybaby cry baby crying girl kawaii cute pretty blue hair watercolor illustration painting.jpg

Remind yourself that life is full of ups and downs. We all have hard battles to face, and it’s scary out there. No one is really ever immune to bad things happening to them. It happens eventually. We all need to remember that we all go through crap. We all have sadness to cope with. Let’s do it together. Let’s lean on each other, remembering that we’re all human and make mistakes. Remember that things happen, but there are some things we CAN change and that we CAN control: our attitude and how we start to perceive things. <3


P.S.: I forgot a really fun one: travel and vacations! It's one of my favorites, actually. Exploring new places that I've never been before, really helps me relax and enjoy life. It helps put things into perspective, too, when you leave your tiny bubble, whether it be leaving your house, or leaving your little town you live in.

relax bed comfy cozy blankets socks feet love.jpg

My Studio and How It Helps Me Get Stuff Done

Hello my starfishies! <3

The past couple of weeks have been interesting. Last weekend (Easter weekend) was amazing! My employer was kind and let us have Friday off, so I had a 3 day weekend! I got so much done that weekend, including shooting and editing several videos for my YouTube channel and doing some cleaning around my house.

My favorite part of my studio: the toy shelf and the iMac! <3

My house was a wreck before that (and to be honest, it still kind of is in some rooms), so cleaning a lot in the bathrooms and kitchen // living areas was super important and relieved a lot of my stress I had over my messy environment.

from left to right: my current painting, my dry erase board that needs a permanent home, one of my video lights, my photo collage, my clutter-filled table, and a chair and stool....

One thing I know for sure: I'm gradually balancing work with life. It's a difficult thing, actually. I work as a graphic designer in the day, over a 40 hour work week, so coming home and working some more until the wee hours of the night is tough, but I think it will all be worth it.

That 3 day weekend helped me a LOT. I rolled out several videos just in one weekend onto my YouTube channel. I've noticed a lot more engagement with viewers and followers on my social media accounts as I post more often. In fact, ever since I started my art 365 back in June / July of 2015, I've posted something pretty much every single day (except the rare occasion that I give myself a rest break, which I did just the other day, but we'll get to that in a sec...). So, it's helped a lot. I have about 820 followers on Instagram and just under 300 likes on my Facebook page as of the time of this post. My channel on YouTube has grown to over 1,400 subscribers and counting! :)

One of my windows is right above my work shelf, where I keep all my sewing and painting supplies.

I'm not posting my numbers to brag. Far from it. I feel like I have a loooooong way to go. I just think it's really important for me to document my numbers as my brand grows. I really want to be able to come back to this later and see how far I've come. I hope my art gets seen by many and loved by the ones who find it intriguing. It would be such an honor to have my art hanging in someone's home one day, on full display.

One's home is truly where their heart is in almost every case. It's such a personal look into their personality and their interests. So, to have my art hanging up in someone's home is just the most beautiful dream I could dream.

The beautiful trees right outside my studio window. They live in my neighbors forest of a yard. Love it. <3

One thing I do want to be really honest about is that after the high of getting so much work done that weekend, I started feeling down during the next week days. Not sure exactly why, but I think it was the change from having all day to work on things for 3 days straight, to realizing that most week days I have very little time to do my art.

I still think that the 3 day weekend was one of the best opportunities for me in a long time, though, and I'm glad I didn't just binge watch netflix. There's nothing wrong with binge watching netflix, but I'm realizing that if I want to build my art business and brand, I have to devote the time and do the work as much as possible.

Another view of the little forest. :)

However, there's a balance that needs to take place. It's really important that one takes breaks when really needed so as to not get burned out. I think I burned myself out a little bit this past week...I didn't really feel as artistic and creative as I normally do. I felt a little down. That's another reason I'm posting this. I think it's important to be honest and show that creativity and stuff like that is difficult. It's rewarding for sure, but it's also difficult at times and pushes us.

I want to show my process and my mindset going through this transition of graphic design to fine art. I am really aiming to be more creative with every day. The art 365 project I'm taking part in is really important for me, I think. It has helped me so much to improve my art, my process, my consistency.

This morning, I woke up early and made her a swimsuit from some pipe cleaners. Haha, I needed something weird and carefree to do. I've been so methodical lately...I needed some child-like fun. Something easy that I don't have to take too seriously.

I've read a lot of articles and listened to several podcasts that say that consistency is one of the most important things. I think that is so true. I think consistency is a very mandatory ingredient to success when it comes to building a tribe -- a group of people who support what you do and love to see it.

I think there are other important ingredients, too, though, and I think I need to work on these:

  • learning new skills
  • working in new mediums
  • meeting lots of people who share your interests
  • getting into some good daily habits
  • supporting other artists and creatives

I posted this on Instagram this morning to celebrate spring and kawaii cute things...<3

The last thing I want to say is don't forget to take breaks if you work your butt off. It will all still be there to work on tomorrow. If you already work super duper hard, don't feel guilty for needing to breathe every now and then. Go outside. Exercise. Go out and have some fun. I need to follow my own advice on this so much! <3

Love you all! xoxoxo


Current Projects

Hello my lovelies! <3 

Here lately I've been working on several projects. As many of you probably already know, I've been doing an art 365 project. That means I have to draw / paint every day for a full year and post the art online each day. I will admit, I've had around 2 - 4 days where I had to post the next morning or I had to post two in one day to make up for missing a day, but I'm still very proud of how far I've come so far. I'm currently on number 214 as of today. This project has helped me accumulate so many pieces of art, and I've also started to really find my style! :3

Another project I'm working on is I've been writing a novel. I started it November 1st during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I won the contest by writing 50,000 words by the end of the month!! :D I'm super excited. Then, I slowly added more words to it, until I finished the entire first draft. Now, I'm on to the editing phase! And I'm actually a little excited about this phase...

The next thing I've been working on for over a year now, is I have 3 shops with my artwork in them. I've been designing stuff for them for a year, well, at least for my storenvy shop, which contains my stickers.

Well, that's all for now...below, enjoy this photo of my living room decor. Art by Mab Graves. <3

xoxo --- MaceyLou