So…I’m doing the 24 hour painting challenge…

It’s a challenge I’ve wanted to do for at least 2 years now. I never ended up doing it, and then all of a sudden, I saw at least 2 youtube artists do this challenge. (I’m not saying they took my idea, not at all, in fact, I didn’t even come up with the idea fully on my own. I actually saw the idea on an art space page. I saw a video of a huge group of artists staying up all night together making art, and I thought it would be fun to try on my own, on my channel, with some rules and other things added to it.) So, in other words, I should have done it a LONG time ago…but I’m doing it now.

24 hr challenge maceylou painting image.jpg

Tomorrow, October 26th, I’ll be doing the 24 hour art challenge. I’ve got to paint, and work on art for 24 hours. No sleeping. Only allowed to break for eating, using the restroom, showering, and similar necessities. I’m allowed to watch YouTube, Netflix, or listen to music, etc, while working, because I hate silence, except when I need it badly.

I’ll also be recording some vlog footage of the experience, and how I feel throughout the process. I’ve got to stay awake for 24 hours straight, creating. That’s the main challenge. Today, I’m kind of taking it easy, and I even took a nap! I think it MIGHT help me to rest and relax a lot today, to prepare myself for tomorrow.

maceylou art studio work space oil paintings.jpg

I’ll also be live streaming on twitch twice during the challenge. Once will be in the day time (I’m in the eastern time zone in the USA.), and one stream will be at night, my normal 9 p.m. eastern time stream. I’ll probably only stream 1-3 hours during each stream slice. I hope to see you guys there! Click here for my twitch channel. :)

genie oil painting original art hanging up gallery.jpg

In the meantime, check out the new items I added to my shop here.

I’ve added several artworks and mystery boxes to the shop. Speaking of all that, I’ve surpassed both my September and October revenue goals! :) Yay!! I’m so excited, guys.

red princess framed oil painting hung up.jpg

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Hugs, beautiful humans!!!