Happiness: A Journey of Overcoming Sadness

Hi my lovely starfishies!!

Today I just want to touch on a very broad topic, and that is happiness. I’m not going to solve all your sadness problems, I know that, but I want to just share a few tips that really help me get out of the rut I sometimes get into with sadness.

This topic hits close to home for me lately, as I’ve lost a grandmother to cancer about a month ago, another grandparent is ill, and there’s been other illnesses in the family lately as well as my own flu illness and other health issues as of late. Sometimes all you can do is cry. In between the crying, try these tips below. Sometimes these help me a lot!

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# ONE:
Almost everything (if not everything) is temporary. If you’re having a tough time right now, just remember that it will pass. And if it’s a more permanent situation, try to think of ways to adapt. What are some things you can do to inject something happy into every single day, regardless of your current situation?

Can you go for a walk?
Can you relax and read a book or watch TV?
Can you at least listen to music or a podcast while you get chores or work done?

And if none of these seem possible right now, just go into your imagination. That’s right. Be a kid with me for a minute. Go in there and remember a funny or a super amazing moment you had. Most recent one if possible. Now, relive that moment in your mind and remember that you’re probably going to have an even BETTER moment SOON! It just hasn’t happened yet, and you can still look back on fond memories for now.

I know this may seem like a small little piece of happiness, but we’re building something here with all these little blocks of happy.

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# TWO:
Write shit down. Write down what is hurting you emotionally right now. Sometimes writing about it will make you cry, mid-sentence, like as you’re writing it. However, once it’s all written out, and you can feel all those feels pour out of you, usually through crying, you will be able to see more clearly and think more rationally. Why? Because you got it out of you. You admitted to what was hurting, and now you can try to move on and to adjust. Or to start the healing process.

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Art. This is a multiple choice option. If you are good at art, make some art. It will preoccupy your mind. It will help you decompress and take some of the stress out of your system. If you are NOT good at art, do you love to do it anyway? Then make some art. You aren’t good at it, and you don’t like to do it? Give it another shot. Maybe try a new medium….maybe try something unique. Remember, it’s for YOU to enjoy. You don’t have to show it to anyone, if you don’t want to.

None of that appeals to you? Maybe just look for art online or in galleries. View the art. Soak it in. Think about meanings within it. Or just buy some beautiful artwork for your home. Surround yourself in happy and visually appealing things on the walls. It will help you feel more comfy and at home. It will make your home feel more like a sanctuary.

Tell someone your pain. Make sure it’s someone you really can trust and that you’re super close to. There’s nothing worse than to spill your guts to someone who will stomp on them later or talk about your problems to others behind your back. Choose someone you have either grown up with your whole life, a really close family member, or a significant other that you really really love and trust.

Talking about your problems can really help relieve some of the tension. Be careful with this one, though. If you dwell too much on the negatives, you’ll get more depressed, not less….so keep that in check. Keep your stress rants short and to the point. And take deep breaths after.

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Remind yourself that life is full of ups and downs. We all have hard battles to face, and it’s scary out there. No one is really ever immune to bad things happening to them. It happens eventually. We all need to remember that we all go through crap. We all have sadness to cope with. Let’s do it together. Let’s lean on each other, remembering that we’re all human and make mistakes. Remember that things happen, but there are some things we CAN change and that we CAN control: our attitude and how we start to perceive things. <3


P.S.: I forgot a really fun one: travel and vacations! It's one of my favorites, actually. Exploring new places that I've never been before, really helps me relax and enjoy life. It helps put things into perspective, too, when you leave your tiny bubble, whether it be leaving your house, or leaving your little town you live in.

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